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My blogs are about various subjects. Right now this is not yet properly organized as I have imagined them to be.

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The Act of Selflessness

I’ve seen a lot of things happen before my eyes already and one of the most interesting subject that caught my attention is kindness and selflessness.

Once Upon A Christmas

That Christmas is the best Christmas ever since I get to prove that nothing is impossible for all those who have faith in the Spirit of the Yuletide.

Leyte Job Issues

You work fairly and accordingly so it is lawful enough that you get paid fairly.

Reminiscin’ Haiyan in Ormoc

A partial insight of that incident is enough to give people inspiration and a different perspective on how they will face life’s challenges.

Is There Really a Need for Death Penalty?

Is there really a need for death penalty? I am not the one to answer that. The answer is within you already and for whatever you believe is right or wrong you should go with it.